historical information

The Dreiständer Bürgerhaus also known as "Haus Bramsche" erected in 1692 in Bramsche near Osnabrück. Almost from the beginning it stood out due to its special timber frame construction, which was unique to the Osnabrück region in those days.

The reconstruction of this buildung in Osnabrück is almost true to detail but for a few unsightly features which were added in later days and therefore haven't been included in the reconstrucion.

Weinkrüger has chosen the interior to match the stoyle of this old mansion. Seats and benches were crafted using historic patterns. The wall tiles are apart from a few exceptions of 18th Century Delft origin. The rooms have been decorated with many commodities as specifically used in the Osnabrück region, which greatly enhances the homely atmosphere.

The successful cooperation of town sanitation, listed building laws and private enterprise has won praise from all sides.