Our dishes


Potato cream soup
with bacon and slices of vegetable


4,50 EUR

beef broth with thin slices of
French pancakes and herbs

3,70 EUR

with leek and croutons

4,60 EUR

Fish soup
with gnocchi and olives

5,50 EUR



Cold dishes and Salads

Big salad bowl
crunchy salad with sliced ham and cheese, served with a yogurt dressing

8,80 EUR

Weinkrügers Salatplatte
crunchy salad with feta - cheese and olives, balsamic and herb dressing

9,60 EUR

Small mixed salad
with yogurt dressing or balsamic dressing

3,90 EUR

Salatplatte “Salsa”
variety of fresh salads with a mild appel and yogurt dressing
served with turkey in a spicy salsa sauce

9,80 EUR

Goat cream cheese
with tomatos, onions and olives, balsamic and herb
dressing, served with warm baguette

9,20 EUR

a selection of cheese, seved with fruits and pretzels

8,90 EUR

Ham, chicken breast, salami, Bavarian blue - cheese,
feta- cheese and smoked salmon, served with butter and bread

13,90 EUR



Light dishes & snacks

Fried camembert
with fried parsley, cranberry jelly, served
with butter and brown bread

7,90 EUR

Spinach crêpes
filled with spinach, herbs, tomatoes,topped with melted cheese

8,90 EUR

6 Sausages on wine- sauerkraut and fried onion rings

8,70 EUR

filled with feta cheese, broccoli in a tomato - chervilsauce,
sc. hollandaise and topped with melted cheese

9,20 EUR

Rolls of Turkey
filled with parma bacon and herbs,
vegetable risotto and topped with melted parmacheese


12,50 EUR

6 edible snails with herb butter cooked àu gratin´
served with warm baguette

7,90 EUR


Matjes herring
with apple and dill cream and roast potatos

11,60 EUR

Grilled pangasius
with balsamico lentils,créme fraîche and hash browns

12,60 EUR

Grilled Trout
filled with herbs, almond butter and potatos,
and green salad with orange - joghurtdressing

13,50 EUR

Variety of fish
grilled salmon- and red snapper filet with ratatouille
and potatos

15,90 EUR

Smoked salmon
with hash brown, apple flavoured with horseradish and créme frâiche

12,40 EUR

Served in the pan

Vegetables and Pasta
in tomato and chervil sauced topped with melted cheese

7,90 EUR

pork filet with a mushroomcreamsauce served with spätzle
and broccoli topped with melted cheese

15,80 EUR

Creamy goulash made from game,forest- mushrooms,
dumplings and a pear filled with cranberry jelly

11,90 EUR

Weinkrügers Grillpfanne
A variety of beef, pork and turkeysteaks, green beans
parcels wrapped in bacon, grilled tomato, herb butter
served on roast potatoes

16,80 EUR


Pork filets
with a herbs- and mustard crust, hash browns, pepper - cream sauce and romanesco


15,80 EUR

Turkey steak
fresh salads with yogurt dresssing
baked potato topped with herbal fresh cheese

11,80 EUR

"Küfers Leckerei"
grilled pork filets served with red- wine- pickeled prunes, cranberry jelly and hash browns

14,20 EUR

Grilled chickenbreast
with tagliatelle with a fruity sauce of tomato and
wood garlic

11,80 EUR

Steck'l Wick'l
slim slices of beef, wrapped around a wooden
stick, served with roast potatos and salad

15,90 EUR

Lamb filets
with ratatouille and pommes macaire

15,60 EUR

Argentinean angus rump steak
with fried onion rings, herb butter
and a baked potato topped with herbal fresh cheese

17,80 EUR

Argentinean filet steak
with a creamy pepper sauce, grilled tomato
and hash browns

23,70 EUR




Advocaat dish
Chocolate icecream on advocaat cream

4,40 EUR

Hot plums flavoured with cinnamon
served with vanilla icecream and cream

4,60 EUR

Walnut ice cream
with caramel- sauce and cream

4,50 EUR

Tiroler Apfelstrudel
hot apple pie topped with cinnamon and sugar served with vanilla icecream and
vanilla sauce

4,50 EUR

Rondo Marzipano
hazelnut and nougat icecream wrapped in a layer
of almond paste served with maracuja sauce and cream

4,90 EUR

Mousse au chocolat
black mousse au chocolat with rapsberry
sauce and cream

5,90 EUR

Red fruit shape
with vanillaicecream and cream

4,20 EUR

Und nach dem Essen...............

........einen Kaffee, Espresso oder Cappuccino

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